Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Advantages of Offering Image Retouching

Something occurred to me recently after a conversation with an old colleague. We were discussing how I was getting on in my photography business and as a photographer in general and he asked me simple question…. Do you specialise in one thing of do you offer occasional extra services? It got me thinking about what I currently offering and ways to offer more without clouding my main services. It’s something you should consider too, it could lead to extra income at home or abroad and fill in those quiet times we all get!

I specialise in Products and Portraits but do offer things such as Events photography, 360 photography and Corporate. Along with everyone else I am trying to keep afloat in today’s market and stay ahead of my competition so why wouldn’t I consider offering extras?

It’s not difficult to achieve but there are some issues to consider before you advertise any extra services to the world. You need to be careful so that you are not considered a jack of all trades and master of none. This is especially important with SEO on your website, it’s easier to concentrate in one niche but on the other hand you may be limiting your options.

I have kept the main part of my services and website on what I specialise in, Products and Portraits but I do now advertise and work on SEO for other services I offer. The percentage is about 25-75. This allows the main part of my business to still get good ratings and my sidelines kept in check whilst independently doing well on Google etc.

This also helps to lessen those quiet times that we all get, filling the gaps, keeping me busy and paying the rent!

Work on the move

Like many photographers I like to travel, sometimes for extended period of times. So being in a foreign country and wanting to keep the budget low it’s a brilliant way to get extra income as you can work wherever you are edit images and retouch images for clients halfway across the world. Of course it is limited by the kit you have. A 17inch colour corrected mac or equivalent, good durable backup hard drives and hard wearing travel luggage are a must!

So if you are a photographer or deal in anything where you edit images why don’t you consider supplementing you income? Many companies and individuals out there are looking for image cut outs, background removal and image level corrections….just what you do on a weekly basis right? It will take some planning but it will allow you to up your income and have some spare dosh for those equipment upgrades or the rent in those quiet times!